Saturday, July 3, 2010

Question of the Day: What topping do you put on your hotdog?

Some women use astrology to help decipher whether a man's worth their time while others, well, they use hot dogs!  Do you remember "The Bachelor" contestant Jillian from a few years ago?  She introduced Jason to her theory that what a man puts on his hot dog reveals what kind of man he is.

Here are a few of the love lessons gleaned from Jillian:

1.  Ketchup:  A ketchup guy is a good ol' All-American guy who probably is not a huge risk-taker. 
2.  Sauerkraut:  A sauerkraut guy is the quintessential  "bad boy" all women think they want. 
3.  Onion:  An onion guy will never marry (due to onion breath, perhaps?). 
4.  Mustard:  The man all women ultimately want to marry is the mustard man.
(FYI...Jason chose mustard!  And while he did eventually go on to marry, it would not be Jillian he chose to eventually tie-the-knot with!) 

Hmmm....I think tonight I'll be lookin' extra close at what those hotties at the BBQ will be sportin' on their dogs!

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