Friday, July 16, 2010

Question of the Day: Whoopsies!! Have you ever accidentally texted the wrong date/lover?

I have a girlfriend who was meeting a date out for some drinks when she received a text from him, giving this long winded, detailed explanation about why he was unable to meet for the date.  She was a little bummed but decided, "Oh well.  What the hell?  I'm  here, might as well get a drink anyways!"  As her drink arrived, so did her date, looking clean, dapper and nothing like the disheveled texting guy who made claims about some work emergency that had gotten him all riled up.  He greeted her with a big smile and a warm hug and asked how her day was.  

As he sat down, it finally dawned on her that the text wasn't meant for her.  He ordered a drink and she excused herself to answer a faux text message on her phone.  She then forwarded his original text back to him saying, "I don't think this was meant for me?"  As he went to take a sip from his beer, he realized he, too, had a text message he needed to tend do.  She said after reading it, she'd never seen a man turn so many different shades of red in her life!  Well, I give her credit, she was big enough to laugh with him about it and make light of this very awkward situation!  I tell ya, it would have served him right if she'd gotten up after he arrived and said, "That's too bad.  Well, now you can go meet your other date and she'll never know you blew her off!"

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