Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Question of the Day: The second season of ABC's show "Dating in the Dark" premiers August 9th. Would you ever do something like this?

This concept fascinates me!  What is "Dating in the Dark?"  It's a reality show on ABC (Season 2 premieres August 9th!) where couples meet and bond in the dark and share intimate moments with a person they believe they have connected with.  However, these feelings are either forgotten or magnified when they are eventually revealed to the other person.  The couples must then decide if they want to pursue the relationship by meeting the other person in a neutral space.

Heck, I'm all for it!  I think it's a really cool idea; and what an eye opening experience for anyone whose single!  I've always been a big believer in being attracted to someone for their soul, personality and brains.  Don't get me wrong, looks do serve a purpose and it is important to be physically attracted to your mate, but I don't believe they sustain a relationship.  Afterall as Judge Judy claims, "Looks fade.  Dumb is forever!"

Hmmm...I'm wondering for myself, though, what I would do if I really connected intimately with this person and then, once the room illuminated, I was horrified?  I would love more than anything to say,  "Sure!  If he was amazing on all other fronts I could get past his looks," but I just don't know.  It'd be an interesting case study to see which sex ends up in a sustainable relationship more often, with a partner that they weren't physically attracted to, once the lights came on.  Do you think men who aren't physically attracted to their dating counterparts or vice versa, would win out?

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