Monday, July 19, 2010

Question of the Day: Is it possible to have both love and a successful career?

This question comes from a young woman in her 20's who claims to be having a difficult time dating men in her age bracket.  She says that guys her age are career focused and, while she too is ambitious, would choose love over her career.  This question prompted me to look into this further.  I found a really interesting article by the editor of Elle magazine (March 30, 2009) who commissioned an online survey of 2,000 women about to turn 30 (currently coined "Generation Me.")  What she found surprised her!  In brief, these are some discoveries she made:

  • 70% of women in their 30's now prioritize a relationship over their careers
  • 80% believe 30 is the perfect age to get married or engaged
  • 43% believe 30 is the best age to have a baby
  • 59% feel more confident, even taking into account economic climate
  • 55% expect to become more financially stable in the coming months
  • 47% believe the #1 way to spend an evening is at home with their partner
  • 48% of women aged 30+ believe they've never looked better
  • 47% of the women surveyed have savings
  • 52% plan to drink less alcohol in their 30's

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