Thursday, July 22, 2010

Question of the Day: What is the worst conversation starter you've overheard or used yourself?

I was in line at the Wawa the other day when I heard the guy behind me make a comment about the silly bands I was wearing on  my wrist.  What was endearing at first ("Oh, I see you have on silly bands just like the kids are wearing these days.") soon became annoying ("Yah, now all the adults are going around wearing them.") which inevitably led to infuriating ("Yah...uh...and...umm...I'm sure all the kids in the neighborhood make fun of you, huh?  They probably tell you you're too old to wear them, huh?").  What?  Was this clown for real?  I mean, overzealousness has gotten the better of most of us, but this guy just didn't know when to stop. 

I feel that a conversation starter can never fail if it begins with a compliment or a self-deprecating and charming remark.  And fellas never, I mean never, refer to a woman's age or weight when initiating a conversation as it will more likely than not, always end poorly!  On the flip side, ladies, you're probably better off not referencing a guy's height or bald spot when you start up a convo!  Which brings me to my next question:  whatever happened to, "Hi.  Are you single?  Would you like to grab a drink sometime?" 

Let's face it, both men and women like confidence in the opposite sex, so when nerves get the better of you, you're better off leading with the truth; why you're really striking up a conversation.  Really, what have you got to lose?  Certainly not a foot imbedded in your mouth!

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