Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Question of the Day: What is the lowest thing someone did to break-up with you?

I was in high school and in love.  I thought my boyfriend and I would be together forever.  Ahhhh, first loves!  We had a ritual of riding the bus home every day together and kissing when he reached his stop.  This particular day, I will never forget it was a Monday bus ride, because the weekend had just passed and I hadn't seen him so I was more excited than usual to be next to him.  On cue, as we approached his stop, he leaned in for the kiss and as he stretched his neck sideways, I saw it there peeking out of his collared raised shirt - a hickey!  

My look of utter shock gave away his failed camouflage attempt.  He looked at me with a mixture of shame, sadness and resolve and as the bus doors were closing he blurted out, "I don't think this is gonna work."  And there I sat weeping my eyes out amongst a busload of strangers as I experienced my first heartbreak.  It wouldn't be the last time it broke, but it would be amongst the most memorable of low down & dirty ways I got dumped.

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