Saturday, July 31, 2010

Question of the Day: Have you or would you ever date someone who still lived at home with their parent's?

I recently met with a potential client a couple weeks ago who is finding it difficult to find a mate because of his living circumstances.  He's a great guy who owns his own business and wants more than anything to find his soul mate and start a family.  However, due to his ailing father, he's had to move back in with his parents to help his mother take care of him.  As a result, he claims his dating life has suffered tremendously as most women won't even consider going out with a guy who doesn't own his own place.

It's easy to say that these women are shallow, but putting myself in the situation, I'd have to say I probably wouldn't date someone seriously who lived at home with their parent's either.  At my age and with two small children, it'd be nice to have another place as a retreat for the two of us, and this would be next to impossible with someone who shared a home with family members.  I don't think it's a character flaw on anyone who is in this circumstance, per se, but personally for me and my accommodations, it just most likely wouldn't work.

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  1. You're right. It IS easy to say they're shallow. But has this guy never heard of a motel? Never heard of a "Love nest" apartment where he splits the rent with other guys who need a place to take women (usually so their wives don't find out)? How about this, "I live with my parents. They smell. Want to go to AC for the weekend instead?" Problem solved.