Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Question of the Day: Have you ever started falling for someone, only to realize you wanted to get back with your ex?

Okay, I admit it, this question was triggered from last night's episode of "The Bachelorette."  Ali, the bachelorette, had narrowed her search down to three great guys.  The one man it was obvious she was completely falling for, Frank, told her he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend and that he needed to go back to her.  He said it was when he was falling for Ali that he began thinking about his ex constantly.  So, at that, he left America's newest sweetheart lovelorn and bereft to go back home and rekindle the spark with his last flame.

Oh dear Frank!  Put your seatbelt on, it's going to be a bumpy 15 minutes!

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