Monday, July 26, 2010

Question of the Day: Have you ever been with someone but jealous of another couple's relationship?

Don't you find that when you're out with a bunch of couples, there's always the one couple that just don't see eye-to-eye?  Or they don't seem to connect like a romantic duo?  Or they bicker and argue in front of everyone causing nervous laughter amongst the gang?  And then lo and behold, usually one or both partners starts having private conversations with the other couples saying that they wished their partner were more like so and so, or admitted to wanting a similar connection as another couple...

Maybe it's just human nature to always compare, but I know that I have been on both sides of the equation.  I've dated (and been married to) men that I felt unsatisfied with and envied other couples, and I've had miserable friends confide in me that they wished their mate treated me as well as mine did.  My personal experience has led me to the conclusion that if you're with someone and wanting something else and you're comparing what others have, your instincts are trying to tell you something.  Maybe you're no longer in love, or your needs aren't being met.  Perhaps you're unsatisfied or feeling emotionally neglected?  Or simply, perhaps you're just choosing to not be happy and content?

Either way, if you're finding you're comparing your romantic relationship to others, perhaps the time has come to make some changes within yourself or in your relationship.  With that, I'll close with this amazing quote by Gerald Jampolsky - "Love is the total absence of fear. Love asks no questions. Its natural state is one of extension and expansion, not comparison and measurement."

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